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Slowly but surely. That’s my technique. Who said that the having a good typing skills is a innate ability of human. This type of skills can be learn and improve through times. So don’t be so sad if you are One-finger typing for now. You can improve it by continuous practice by  learning the  proper finger placement: ASDF JKL;.  Its the foundation of pain-free and healthy typing. Practice typing until you won’t need to look at the keyboard and you have lessen mistakes while typing. Your typing speed would be useless if you have to go back on your work to correct some errors, which be time consuming, so accuracy together with speed is very important.  While practicing the proper finger placement you can try play typing games to add some fun on your practice. You can try the following below:






Proper posture and choices of keyboard as well as mouse were also important. Choose keyboard that are very comfortable to touch. This will lessen the strain in your hands. You may have a mouse that fits on your hands.  So how would you know if you are doing good?  The standard metrics would be 40 wmp with 95 % Accurancy. As far of my typing skills is concern, i’m almost reached the average metrics. But i still want to be have  above average and type like a pro. It would  be give a really help in my VA career.

How about you? Have you set your standard on your typing skills?

My typing speed

my typing skills test beginning

Week 1

typing skills result

Week 2

my typing skills week 3


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